Teaching and Mentoring

Didactic Teaching

Kent State University logo
Kent State University, Kent, OH
   August 2008- May 2009
  • Taught three sections of Anatomy & Physiology 2, which involved both lecture and lab experience in cardiovascular, pulmonary, renal, digestive, and endocrine physiology. This was the first semester this course was offered.  Course content was presented in hand-out, power point lecture, chalkboard, and anatomical models.                     
  • Taught Weight Training lecture and lab using the NSCA textbook.
St Francsis de Sales logo
St. Francis de Sales High School, Toledo, OH
   August 2009- June 2010           
  • Taught two Chemistry and two Physical Science classes to 10th and 11th grade students.  All classes had lab once per week.  Courses used SmartBoard technology, power point lectures, whiteboard, teacher demonstration, hands-on experiments, computer simulation, and videos. 
  • Served as Director of Strength and Conditioning:  Supervised fitness center, developed training programs, purchased and maintained equipment, educated coaches

  • Problem Based Learning facilitator (Cardiology, Reproductive)
  • Integrative physiology, five cardiovascular lectures to graduate students
  • Coronary physiology lecture for cardiology fellows

Laboratory Mentoring

    1.  Hardikkumar “Henry” Patel, PSU medical student, summer 2012-summer 2015

    • Was awarded “Outstanding Achievement in Basic Research”, PSUCOM Class of 2015
    • Currently: 3rd year resident in Internal Medicine, Penn State College of Medicine
    • Published 3 first-author manuscripts on aging and sex differences in response to voluntary apnea         

    2.  James Pagana, PSU medical student, fall 2012

    • Currently: attending physician in family medicine, Selinsgrove, PA

    3.  Yongsuk Seo, Kent State graduate student, fall 2009-summer 2013

    • Currently: Postdoc at NIOSH
    • Published 1 first-author manuscript on cognitive responses to cold water immersion

    4.  Matt Heffernan, research technician, summer 2012-summer 2014

    • Currently: intern at PinnacleHealth, Harrisburg
    • Published 2 first-author manuscripts on forearm blood flow responses to mental stress and apnea

    5.  Brittney Randolph, undergraduate, summer 2013-summer 2014

    • Currently: graduate student at Georgetown
    • Published 1 first-author manuscript on blood flow responses to apnea in postmenopausal women

    6.  Amanda Ross, PSU graduate student, fall 2013-present

    • Currently: PhD candidate at Penn State
    • Published 2 first-author manuscript on aging, PAD and coronary blood flow

    7.  Jon Pollock, PSU medical student, winter 2014

    • Currently: 3rd year Internal Medicine Resident, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, OH
    • Published 1 first-author paper on hypoxic vasodilation in older men

    8.  Zhijun Li, PSU Radiology visiting scholar (graduate student), winter 2014-summer 2016

    • Currently: radiologist in China
    • Focused on functional MRI development for skeletal muscle oxygenation in PAD patients

    9.  Alvaro Vargas Pelaez, PSU medical student, fall 2014- summer 2017

    • Was awarded “Outstanding Achievement in Basic Research”, PSUCOM Class of 2017
    • Currently: intern at NYU
    • Published 1 first-author manuscript on Doppler methodology and responses to adrenergic agonists

    10. J. Carter Luck, research technician, winter 2015-summer 2017

    • Was awarded STRIDE fellowship through American Physiological Society, summer 2015
    • Hired as research technologist for 2015-2017; focused on near infrared spectroscopy in PAD patients

    11. Nathan Winkler, Central Michigan medical student, summer 2015

    • Currently 4th year medical student at Central Michigan
    • Focused on skeletal muscle blood flow and oxygenation and walking impairment questionnaire

    12. Zach Kerns, Baltimore Veterans Affairs, fall 2014 – present

    • Current working at Baltimore VA as research assistant
    • MARC ACSM mentee, 2014

    13. Danielle Jin-Kwang Kim, spring 2015- present

    • Currently postdoc, Sinoway lab at Penn State Hershey
    • Focused on arterial stiffness in PAD

    14. Stephan Maman, spring 2016-present

    • Currently 3rd year medical student at Penn State
    • Focused on coronary responses to isometric handgrip and adrenergic antagonists
    • Also focused on community engagement intervention to improve recruitment in patients with PAD