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Active Grants

Completed Grants

1.     Kent State University: Research and Graduate Studies (undergrad)
        The effect of body composition on immunological and thermoregulatory responses during cold water 
        immersion in healthy males.  
        ($500 for GS Farnell dissertation, March 2007) 

2.     Kent State University: School of Exercise, Leisure, and Sport (graduate)
        The Effects of Training with Elastic Band Resistance in the Bench Press Exercise. 
        ($1250 total for equipment, subject payment, and presentation of data, February 2008) 

3.     Kent State University: School of Exercise, Leisure, and Sport (graduate)
        The influence of interval vs. continuous exercise on thermoregulation, hemodynamics and finger dexterity in the cold (5°C).
        ($2500 total for clothing, subject payment, impedance cardiography electrodes and temperature supplies, February 2009) 

4.     Wilderness Medical Society Research in Training Award (postdoc)
        Effect of cold air breathing and isometric exercise on left ventricular function 
        (PI, $6500 for supplies, 2011-2012)

5.     Penn State College of Medicine, Medical Student Research Grant (Internal)
        Primary Mentor for Hardikkumar Patel (0% effort) 

6.     Penn State College of Medicine Association of Faculty and Friends
        No Title
        Awarded for July 1, 2014-June 30, 2015 
        $10,000 for pilot studies to obtain data for subsequent R01 submission
        Principal Investigator 

7.     Penn State Clinical and Translational Science Institute Community Engagement Enhancement 
        Engaging vascular surgery patients in basic science research
       Principal Investigator (0% effort)
        Submitted April 30, 2015, $9982 direct

8.     Penn State Clinical and Translational Science Institute KL2 Program         
        Coronary and skeletal muscle vascular control during exercise in patients with PAD
        KL2 TR000126, Principal Investigator (75% effort) 
        Awarded for 2 years, January 2015 – December 2016 / $220,248 direct