Measurement of SSNA response to mental stress (left) and MSNA response to apnea (right).

Data acquired in Dr. Chet Ray's lab:

SSNA arousal MSNA apnea

Simultaneous measurement of muscle sympathetic nerve activity

and left ventricular function (tissue Doppler imaging):

Coronary blood flow and Tissue Doppler images were obtained during Dr. Muller’s cold air breathing studies. MSNA was collected as part of R01 HL098379 (Leuenberger), renal blood flow as part of R21 HL098379 (Monahan), and brachial blood flow as part of P01 HL096570 (Sinoway):

Myocardial function at baseline obtained with Tissue Doppler Imaging:

Myocardial function during two minute isometric handgrip exercise:

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