Two New Papers Accepted

Post date: Jun 7, 2011 12:27:25 AM

June 2, 2010 Two papers from the KSU-EEPL have been accepted for publication! Both studies involved cycle ergometry performance in college-aged males subjects.

Effect of cold acclimatization on exercise economy in the cold.

Muller MD, Kim CH, Bellar DB, Ryan EJ, Seo YS, Muller SM, Glickman EL. European Journal of Applied Physiology, IN PRESS, accepted June 2, 2011

Low dose caffeine administered in chewing gum does not enhance cycling to exhaustion.

Ryan, E.J., Kim, C-H., Muller, M.D., Bellar, D.M., Barkley, J.E., Bliss, M.V., Jankowski-Wilkinson, A., Russell, M., Macander, D., Otterstetter, R., Glickman, E.L. & G.H. Kamimori. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. IN PRESS, accepted June 1, 2011