Skin blood flow article published in Physiological Reports

Post date: Oct 27, 2014 3:48:08 PM

In this study, LECOM 2nd-year medical student Matt Heffernan used three different gas combinations to acutely alter chemoreceptor control of forearm blood flow. He found that brief hyperoxia (100% oxygen inhalation) attenuated the forearm vasoconstrictor response to voluntary apnea in in both muscle (-16 ± 10 vs. -40 ± 12%, P = 0.023) and skin (-14 ± 6 vs. -24 ± 5%, P = 0.033). However, neither hypoxia nor hypercapnia had significant effects on cutaneous responses to apnea. This is the second published article by Heffernan and Muller in the past 10 months.See more articles by clicking this link.

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